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"Creating Memories One Event at a Time!"

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24creations is about creating something unique!

         So why not do it with the perfect creation...

                                                                          candy, beverage or cocktail style!!


We can customize cocktail menus, specialty drinks, shooters and more!

We have an extensive menu to choose from, including a selection

of Martinis that will be sure to
"WOW" your guests!

Give your guests something to remember!

Let us customize and create that "WOW" factor for your next event!

We are experienced, licensed, professional, and FUN!

  "Creating amazing drinks is our passion!"


Bartender in Vancouver and  Portland

         "CREATING MEMORIES ONE EVENT AT A TIME!" ​ Bartender and candy buffets in PortlandBartender in Vancouver and wedding Candy buffets


A little about myself and how it began...

It started as a child. I always had a love for birthdays,

weddings and parties in general! As an adult it grew into something more.

I started getting creative and often found myself thinking of what I could

create next. Whether it was in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe, around the house

refurbishing old furniture, painting vibrant walls or making my daughters crib bedding,

I was always thinking of something.

I am a social person!

I love being around people, Especially fun, happy people, celebrating something special!

My passion and my imagination grew over the years,

as well as my creativity. The more often my husband and I had

"get-together's" or parties, the more I couldn't help myself but think of new and fun ideas.

I finally reached a point where I just had so many ideas but wasn't able to act upon them.

I had ZERO time and that was holding me back!

As a Wife, a Mom and working more than full time

running a business for someone else,

I was working myself to death... Literally!!
I had no time to spare for myself, or my passion for these things.

There came a point, and I knew it was time to make a change....for my family and myself.

It was time for me to do what I love!

With my business degree and a strong background in

business management, as well as bartending,

I knew I could make my dreams become my reality.

And so it began... 
24creations became a reality !

I'm a firm believer in doing what you love. And this is what I love.

This is my passion!

"Creating memories one event at a time!"

So whether it be creating amazing drinks and cocktails, adding that special

touch with a candy or unique food buffet, or creating custom table décor...

THIS is my "happy" place!    This is my passion!